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 Local Memorandum of Understanding

between the

United States Postal Service

Cayuga, NY

and the

American Postal Workers Union, AFL-CIO

Central New York Area Local





This Local Memorandum of Understanding for the Cayuga, NY Post Office is agreed to effective April 15, 1996.


For the United States Postal Service: For the American Postal Workers Union:




____________________________________ ___________________________________

  Beverly Gardner, Postmaster Gayla White, Area Vice President





  Article 1: General Provisions ..... Page 1 Article 2: Annual Leave ..... Page 2





Article 1: General Provisions



1.1 Union-Management Cooperation

A. This Local Memorandum may be amended with the mutual consent of the Postmaster, the Local President and the Labor Relations Representative.

B. The Steward or Area Vice-President shall be consulted prior to permanent changes in employee staffing and scheduling.


1.2 Curtailment of Operations

A. All possible means shall be used to notify affected employees of the curtailment of postal operations; the Steward or Area Vice-President shall be notified as soon as feasible.

B. Employees stranded at work shall be given every reasonable consideration by the employer as to needs and comforts.

C. Procedures for emergency evacuation due to fires or bomb threats shall be conspicuously posted.

D. In determining an employee's ability to report for work, consideration shall be given to governmental directives, the operating status of comparable industries, and general conditions.


1.3 Light Duty Assignments

The Area Vice-President shall be consulted prior to the reassignment of any light or limited duty employee to or from any APWU craft.


1.4 Wash-up Policy

All employees shall be allowed reasonable wash-up time in accordance with established practice and Article 8.9 of the National Agreement.

1.5 Parking

A. All reasonable efforts will be made to initiate or maintain free parking for all employees.

B. All parking shall be available on a first-come, first-served basis, except where reserved by this memorandum or previously established practices.


1.6 Definitions of Sections and Seniority

A. Each craft shall be a separate section, except that the Postmaster may draw from the clerk vacation roster in offices with 2 or less clerks.

B. Total in-office craft seniority shall be used for vacation selections.







Article 2: Annual Leave



2.1 General Provisions for Annual Leave

A. Vacation rosters shall be broken into Monday through Sunday weeks, and, to the maximum extent possible, no employee shall be involuntarily scheduled to work on non-scheduled days which are adjacent to their scheduled vacation.

B. Employees shall use the number of hours of annual leave for a choice vacation week that they would normally have worked in that week; however, employees may, at their option, use up to forty hours of annual leave per vacation week.


2.2 Choice Vacations 

A. The choice vacation period shall be from the last Monday in December to the first Sunday in December.

B. There shall be one vacation slot per week.

C. Starting on November 1, employees shall, in order of seniority, be allowed to select full weeks of vacation up to the number of weeks allowed under Article 10.3D of the National Agreement; employees may, at their option, make one continuous selection or two non-consecutive selections.

D. Immediately following the first rotation, the vacation roster shall be rotated a second time and employees, by seniority, allowed to take up to four additional full weeks, subject to accrued or foreseeable leave balance.

E. No employee shall hold up the vacation roster for more than five days on either rotation; employees who lose their place in rotation shall be entitled to regain the roster when ready to make their selection, but shall not be entitled to bump junior employees who have made selections in the interim.

F. Employees who are called for court service during their scheduled vacation may make another selection from the remaining available weeks.


2.3 Incidental Requests

A. An updated vacation schedule shall be conspicuously posted throughout the year.

B. Incidental requests for annual leave shall be made on PS Form 3971, and, wherever feasible, be personally delivered to the employee's immediate supervisor.

C. Except in circumstances of extreme need, incidental requests for annual leave shall be granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

D. All requests for annual leave on a day(s) in which no other craft employee is scheduled off on leave shall be approved to the maximum extent possible.

E. Incidental annual leave requests shall be approved or disapproved:

1. Within one hour, if leave is requested for the same day on which submitted;

2. By the employee's end tour, if requested for the following day;

3. By the employee's next day end tour, if requested two or more days in advance;

F. Disapproved 3971's shall be maintained showing the date and time submitted, and, should leave become available, it shall be granted in the order it was requested.

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